The following are links that I used when I was looking for information on what happened to the hospital. Some of these pages might contain clues to companies, people or sites. Many have asked about medical records. California law was 7 years. Santa Marta Hospital closed over 18 years ago. Very unlikely they exist today. The links worked at the time I placed them here. Be aware that I do not check these or keep them updated.

  • Health Record Retension Law -
  • NC Register article -
  • LA Times -
  • California Healthline ELA Star -
  • California Healthline ER closes -
  • Los Angeles Business Journal SMH Sale -
  • Health Progress -
  • Sir Daniel J. Donohue -
  • Debbie Duroff -
  • Dr. Tirso Del Junco Jr. (SMH from 1991-95) -
  • Truck vs LA County -