A Catholic Hospital
Santa Marta Hospital
319 N. Humphreys Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90022
Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

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This is the ORIGINAL and ONLY Website ever for Santa Marta Hospital in East Los Angeles.
I created the website as a gift to the hospital in my father's name after his passing. This is the
original site as it existed in the Summer of 1999.

Santa Marta Hospital was sold in 2001 to ELAStar Community Hospital which went bankrupt in 2004. The building is now owned by LAUSD who will be using it as an adult school.

While going through some old ZIP drive disks in my garage, I found the website backups that were stored away for over 13 years.
The site also included databases and administration features for the employees. I have disabled that section.
I will update the site as I find any additional pages/graphics for it. My contact is in the "in memory of" page.

Thank you,

Jose Jimenez Jr
East Los Angeles, CA
* NOTE: I have no knowledge of old medical records. They were likely destroyed decades ago. I have some links to info that might shed some light on your search: Click here